China: luxury market is growing (not for everyone).

So, to sum up: the economy goes down; the government facilitates access to credit for small businesses in difficulty in a month cut twice the reserve requirement of banks and sells the debt to private conglomerates of State; someone is enriched: on expectations.
Yangwen Qin, director of the Co-stone Venture Investment of Shanghai which manages over 800 million in stock market investments, tells Forbes that the market will grow further, because the authorities will continue to cut bank interest, the reserves of banks and take all measures that will boost the company as a whole and will transfer the risks to the market. “

Exemplary is the case of the new entry thicker among the billionaires. It is the glassmaking” Qunfei Zhou, 45, founder and CEO of Lens Technology, supplier of displays for smartphones, computers and cameras, with Apple and Samsung among the clients. Needless to say, his fortune has increased geometrically after the debut of the company to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, two months ago. Growth of shareholder value duration weeks, Zhou has made the richest woman in China. In early April, his personal fortune was estimated at $ 7.4 billion, today there is already talk of 10.2 billion.

One interesting feature is the fact that despite the anti-corruption campaign under way, this mass of wealthy Chinese is driving growth in global consumption of vanity”, i.e. those goods purchased for self-satisfaction, for the enhancement of their appearance and their own prestige .

Says a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, that the market‘s capital vanityin Greater China, the last five years has grown at an annual rate of 15.6%. In concrete terms, we speak of the consumption of luxury watches, jewelry, haute couture, fine wines, elitist education and private jets but also a market mid-range” consisting of cosmetics, smartphone and health products.

Yachts are not appearing, so farimages



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