Do you need an agent? No, thank you.

It could be strange, but it is true: enjoy your cruise in Greece and save money.

Do you think I am wrong? If you are looking for a yachts’ agency services in Greek waters, maybe you will be the wrong one.

This summer I cruised for more than a month in Greece and, as I did in the past, I used the “services” of  Greek agencies but the result has been very disappointing. Just some examples: after I paid 3 days before in cash the Corint canal fees (plus service fees of € 150) when I arrived at the entrance of the canal I had this answer from the direction:”Sorry, but there is no payment for your yacht”. Nice, isn’t it? Or when I booked a berth, always through the agency, once I arrived in the port there were no berth available: amazing, eh?!

So, my advice is: cruise in Greece and enjoy your cruise without using any agency. You will find better results and save money!images



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