Future Floating Nightmare.

Last August in the chinese port of Tianjin there was a huge explosion killed hundreds of people and dispersed an unknown amount of toxic sodium cyanide into the air and water.

Moreover, the blast has been described as a nuclear explosion and the video backs up it.

Well, maybe you are asking why talking about it: because as World Nuclear News reports, China is now all set to build a portable, floating nuclear reactor.

China General Nuclear (CGN) expects to complete construction of a demonstration small modular offshore multi-purpose reactor by 2020, the company announced yesterday.

Here’s a rendering of what this disaster-waiting-to-happen will look like once complete:FloatingReactor_0It is interesting the final quote from CGN and make  a note of the bolded passage:”Floating plants offer various advantages: construction in a factory or shipyard should bring efficiencies; siting is simplified; environmental impact is extremely low; and decommissioning can take place at a specialised facility.”

What could be wrong?



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