Is It Time to Change your Yacht?

The most used common way to change a yacht has been buy a new one or, alternatively,  a major refit where the main point was the external recoating.

Well, today it might be a new, cheaper, faster way: Wrapping it!

The main advantages of wrapping over marine painting are:

  • low cost, at as little as a third of the cost of a professional spray job
  • Fast, wrapping can usually be done in a day or two. That means you’ll massively cut down on yard time, reducing the total cost even further.
  • Easy maintenance, you can forget buffing and polishing
  • easy repairs, if your vinyl boat wrap gets scratched or dented, there’s no need to re-wrap the whole hull. Most repairs can be done with a simple patch, and you can even do it yourself.
  • customizable, Let your imagination run wild  to give your boat a spectacular one-of-a-kind finish.

Does it sound interesting? Do not hesitate to contact me for details and quotes.wrapping



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