New and Used

The purpose of a General Survey, better known as pre-purchase survey is to identify in detail the defects of a yacht, so as to help the new owner to decide whether or not to close the deal.
The General Survey is recommended especially if you are deciding to buy a 2nd hand yacht , or if your new yacht was used after delivery or returned at the end of a contract.
The general expertise ensures that all points of a contract are met and if the Yacht meets the technical specifications required.
We conduct technical expertise on all types of Yachts, in different materials such as GRP, wood, steel and aluminum. Each type of boat and its construction material requires a technical approach and equipment specifications.
We do appraisals in general agreement with the international codes of practice, drawn from surveys of organizations worldwide.
The expertise is a general search in detail with the aim of discovering the structural conditions of a yacht, to test the equipment and instruments. A detailed report with all the expert advice is then delivered to the customer. In that report have examined the various problems encountered and offered information and recommendations for repairs.
A general survey includes a sea trial and a general inspection of the entire yacht. It is arranged in three parts: an inspection in water, a sea trial and a test on the ground. The verification on ground includes also the measure of the moisture in the laminate in the boats constructed in GRP and the thickness for steel hulls.1508396



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